9957 Purcell Drive

Silver Star Mountain

Vernon, British Columbia

Canada, V1B 3M1

Rob "Shoe" Glenesk


About the Artist



Rob “Shoe” Glenesk loves unique. He searches for it, is inspired by it and creates with it. One of the results of this attraction is the creation of art that stands alone, refreshingly different with the ability to indulge a wide variety of tastes. Collectors of his work say the pieces always promote meaningful conversations with viewers.


A lifetime of pursuits and passions has contributed to his styles and body of work. Rob began his “art” career at the age of three and has continued ever since. In 1994 “Shoe” decided to leave a teaching career of 22 years to become a full time artist. Early in the new career Rob entered art competitions and won three national awards.


Prior to teaching, Rob enjoyed being a recreation director on a First Nations Community in Northern Alberta, where he was very fortunate to learn many traditional skills. These included making leather, fire, moccasins and mitts, snowshoes, birch bark canoes, and preparation of wilderness foods and medicines.


With boots, canoe, skis, dog team and horses, Rob has covered a lot of western Canada. His favorite studio is an 18 foot tipi which he made himself. All this inspired the nick name “Running Shoe”. A symbolic shoe print accompanies his signature on every painting.


Without question, “Shoe” feels that the skills he acquired and adventures experienced are in every brush stroke. Each painting carries all the creations that came before it. Better known for paintings showing an above perspective with an indigenous theme, Rob demonstrates an appreciation for the beauty of rocks in a series of rock paintings. Rob believes that every color exists in the rocks somewhere and takes advantage of this with exciting colors in these “rock works”. The rock images are often enhanced with hieroglyphs or images formed by the rocks. Collectors often seek his work for the distinctively unique, styles and perspectives.


"There are many beautiful and powerful ancient teachings that if understood and used collectively would move this planet and everything on it in a very, very positive direction."


(R. Glenesk)